Taken Nemo

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Like me, right now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Of course!  Haha!  This totally makes sense!”  This movie trailer mashup is exactly why I am incredibly thankful for living in the web culture age where a lot of people have a lot of time on their hands.  Just think about it.  Both of these movies have similar plot points so this mashup is just a natural, pop cultural progression.  I love Albert Brooks’ character, Marlin, in ‘Finding Nemo’, but what if the film’s father character was replaced by Liam Neeson’s character from ‘Taken’?!

Lastly, this movie mashup obviously leaves me wondering how this can be done with other films…

Courtesy of Stebbokun and The Daily What


The Alison Brie Rap Compilation

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For anyone reading this blog, you’ll soon learn that I am a huge fan of ‘Community’, which is in my opinion, one of the top 5 shows on television.  I also love Alison Brie, for reasons that aren’t that hard to figure out for anyone with eyes and ears.

Watching this rap compilation further hits home my opinion that Brie should do at least one guest appearance at a Garfunkel and Oates show.

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Law & Order is the Modern Gunsmoke for Actors

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This may not be shocking news to many, but a hell of a lot of people have been on ‘Law & Order’.  However, did you know that ‘Law & Order’ has been on the air longer than this year’s incoming college freshmen have been alive?  Anyone else feeling old after reading that?  Curious to see a slideshow of 25 Actors who made ‘Law & Order’ appearances before they were famous?

Where I’d like to shine some light on a few of you is that ‘Law & Order’ is not the first show to be responsible for so many “Before They Were Famous” appearances.  Ever heard of ‘Gunsmoke‘?  Maybe you’ve heard of it but never seen an episode?  Fortunately, I have; I’ve actually seen more episodes than I’d like to admit thanks to a year of living with my parents when I was 24.  Three episodes every weeknight for a year.  ‘Gunsmoke’ is responsible for starting the careers of a lot of well-known actors who are old enough to be our parents or grandparents.  Here are a few:

Burt Reynolds

Charles Bronson

Ed Asner

Jon Voight

Leonard Nimoy

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New Info Leaked on iPhone 5

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Basically, it will be able to

1. Be used as a solar heat conductor that can be plugged into your car or home power meter and will provide electricity for you, your family, your neighborhood, and the entire planet forever and ever and ever.

2. It will be able to read your mind and tell you what you’re forgetting when you leave your home and get about 15 feet away from your door and are suddenly struck with that feeling that you forgot something.

3. It will now have an aluminum back instead of a glass one so that you can use it as a toboggan when it snows or even a pizza tray for tiny 2″x4″-sized pizzas.

4. It will be bigger

5. It will be smaller

6. It will be the woman/man of your dreams

7. It will be a ninja

8. It will………………………..(drum roll)………………………………………………………..be a phone.

What?! Why?! How?! No Way!!!!!!

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Just in case you thought today was tough

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Sometimes I pat myself on the back for stepping out of the shower without breaking my neck. Then I see videos like this. Interesting to note: after I finished watching this, my palms and feet had become extremely sweaty from the associated stress of watching this girl slackline in between two moving 18-wheelers. And yes, it’s called slacklining, not tight-roping. To watch this video click here

Fighting Multiple Sclerosis and Low Self-Esteem Together!

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Help me fight Multiple Sclerosis and I’ll help you fight low self-esteem!

Do you have a hard time getting motivated in the morning? Are you attracted to Rick Santorum? Ever feel like you’re about to have a Michael Douglas/”Falling Down” mental break because you hate your job, you secretly pick your nose, your mother picks up more men at bars than you…or maybe you’re battling a little bit of self-loathing because you’ve worn the same pair of underwear 3 days in a row and haven’t changed your sheets in 4 months.

Whatever the case, I’m here for you…as long as you’re here for the fight against MS! Donate $10 to the 2012 Atlanta MS Walk and I’ll send you an incredibly cheesy, yet unbelievably motivational text every morning for an entire month. Every day you’ll feel your self-worth soar to galactic heights as you read each of my inspiring texts, knowing that yes, you have what it takes to break-up with your therapist or yes, you are so incredibly brave that today is the day you’ll tell your wife you’ve been having an affair for 11 years, that you’re gay, and you and your boyfriend want to move to Iowa and plant corn!

And just think, you’re also an amazing, admirable, selfless person because you contributed to our fundraising efforts to fight multiple sclerosis!

So take the first step towards knowing how Oprah feels every day,  towards starting that plastic surgery fund for your “broken” nose, towards changing your entire life by clicking here!

**Please forward this blog post/link to your friends and spread the word about this amazing motivational opportunity!

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Daniel Craig Channels Brett Butler for Gender Equality

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Daniel Craig recently dressed in drag for an ad supporting gender equality.  Narrarated by Dame Judy Dench, who plays “M” in the Bond movies, Craig seemingly appears in the ad as James Bond but later appears in drag.  For me, I thought Brett Butler had crawled out of whatever cave she’s been hiding in…

If you don’t know who Brett Butler is and would like a comparative view, check out the video below:

Pretty damn similar-looking huh?
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