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Superstars Donate Gaddafi Money to Avoid Looking Shallow

March 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Last week, in a WikiLeaks article published in the New York Times exposed some of the monetary shenanigans (love that word) of the Qaddafi family, which include paying Mariah Carey $1million to sing at Seif-Al-Islam el-Qaddafi’s party in St. Barts and spending $1.8 million to establish a personal militia.

Since the publication of this article, it has come out that several pop-stars have been paid big-bucks to perform for the Gaddafi family over the years, including Usher, Nelly Furtado, and Beyonce´. To avoid looking like they will perform for anyone, no matter what the cost (see also: shallow, greedy, without morals, etc.), these stars are rushing to donate money to charities to excuse themselves for ever being patrons of the Gaddafi family. I find it fascinating when celebrities’ charitable behavior is motivated by publicist-induced guilt.

However, I can recall a time when I was once railed by a staunch, feminist lesbian for being a patron of strip-clubs, which I felt like was a completely acceptable way to spend my time and money. Unfortunately, I later fell victim to feminist-induced guilt over my debaucherous behavior and donated a few bucks (approximately $30) to the “Lapdances for My Kid’s Dance Classes Charity,” which is located at your local strip club. If you’d like to donate too, talk to any exotically-dressed female at a strip club named Veronica, Diamond, Tiffani, Destiny, Cherry, Lexus, or Cinnamon. This charity helps hard-working mothers raise money for their kid’s dance classes by providing lap dances. It’s about the kids people, after-all, the children are our future.

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