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50 Most Disappointing Films of All Time


I’ll review anything in countdown form. Seriously, it makes things so much easier, rather than trying to filter through the myriad of film information in my brain. That’s what happens when you have no friends growing up and you spend every minute at home reading Entertainment Weekly and Premiere, watching every movie you can find, and reading at least 25-50 pages of a film encyclopedia every night before going to bed. Of course all of that made film school easier but as you can see from my current unemployment status, that’s only come in handy at bad trivia and writing this blog but I digress…

It’s because of my love for any type of countdown or categorical collection that I post this link to Total Film’s “50 Most Disappointing Movies of All Time”.

I have to say that I pretty much agree with every film on this list. I might personally shuffle the order (I definitely think #2 should be #1 but decide for yourself) but I definitely think every film deserves its placement here.

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