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Law & Order is the Modern Gunsmoke for Actors

This may not be shocking news to many, but a hell of a lot of people have been on ‘Law & Order’.  However, did you know that ‘Law & Order’ has been on the air longer than this year’s incoming college freshmen have been alive?  Anyone else feeling old after reading that?  Curious to see a slideshow of 25 Actors who made ‘Law & Order’ appearances before they were famous?

Where I’d like to shine some light on a few of you is that ‘Law & Order’ is not the first show to be responsible for so many “Before They Were Famous” appearances.  Ever heard of ‘Gunsmoke‘?  Maybe you’ve heard of it but never seen an episode?  Fortunately, I have; I’ve actually seen more episodes than I’d like to admit thanks to a year of living with my parents when I was 24.  Three episodes every weeknight for a year.  ‘Gunsmoke’ is responsible for starting the careers of a lot of well-known actors who are old enough to be our parents or grandparents.  Here are a few:

Burt Reynolds

Charles Bronson

Ed Asner

Jon Voight

Leonard Nimoy

Harrison Ford

Leslie Nielson

Williams Shatner

Ron Howard

Jodie Foster

Kurt Russell

Gary Busey

Nick Nolte

Richard Dreyfuss

Ricardo Montalban

Beau Bridges

Sam Elliott

Leif Garrett

Melissa Gilbert

Dennis Hopper

Tom Skerritt

Harry Dean Stanton

Cicely Tyson

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